It’s a Woolly kind of life…

So hello, hi , welcome ! I made it, this is my first ever blog post ….eeeek how exciting

My name is mibs, self confessed knitting addict. I live with my partner Tom who and my whirlwind of a daughter named Bea who is almost 2. Recently I have become a stay at home mum, allowing me more time with Bea and more time to get creative with my knitting ! this blog will follow our woolly adventures. I hope to be uploading patterns and on the go projects as well as giving a glimpse into the world of a crafty mum and her crazy toddler.

So , this week has been quite an exciting week for me, my Knitting group ‘ The York Knitwits’ have been featured as knitting group of the month In Simply Knitting! It was all so incredibly exciting and after prying the magazine out of Bea’s hands very slowly so as not to rip it I sat down to read it, the smile on my face has not left. I’m just so proud of what we’ve achieved in such a little time. (For more details you can email me, or find us on facebook!)

My Projects on the go this week are a Mitred square baby blanket and a sock yarn shawl. Both of which I am loving doing, but they are also under lock and key – Only allowed out when Bea has gone to bed, or when in the car as my daughter is a serial unraveller ! one quick trip out of the room and return to find that project you’ve almost finished resembling what can only be described as  ‘yarn vomit’.

All being well/providing they have avoided a Bea-tastrophe,  I will have updates on these projects in the coming weeks.


and with that sound I guess i’ll have to go, Bea is supposed to be in bed, yet she is stood in her room on her toybox watching trains. It’s going to be a long night.

Thanks for reading lovely peeps, until next time !

OH ! and please do leave me comments, email me if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy reading !




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