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For those about to knit, we salute you.

This week Bea and I have mostly hung around the house…mainly due to her aversion to wearing anything but a nappy and her wellies and she has the realisation that if I take her outside this may pull her away from the beloved trainset , how could I suggest such a thing! Bad mummy!

This has meant however that , certain projects are finally finished (see photos) I made a mitred square baby blanket, inverting the squares so they create a zig zag. This project is so fun, I couldn’t stop knitting! It also has an icord bind off which gave it a really neat edge, pattern to follow, keep an eye out in upcoming posts!

It’s a blanket due to york based charity ‘Bundles of joy’ they provide baby bundles for expectant parents who need a bit of extra support. That is of course if I can rescue the blanket from Bea who has deemed it appropriate for her baby doll’s pram.

I also finally worked out some random scribbles to create a little knit crown suitable for babies and toddlers, it’s cute , the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and a really quick knit 😊 these will be available soon from my etsy shop.

Bea and I have an exciting afternoon planned, Bea is going to her granny and grumpys house which is exciting for her as uncle Sam  and Isaac will be there and Bea loves nothing more than shouting “isaaaaaaac NO” at the top of her voice.

My afternoon  is exciting for 2 reasons

1. A bea free afternoon, something that usually only happens once a week, however when it does I’m usually at a loss with what to do at that time (sleep/eat/knit/chores?)

2. Having something to do with a bea free afternoon ….A yarn dying class!!!

I’m excited I cannot wait do learn all about dying my own yarn, picking colours I love to create things in exactly the right colour way!

Although i’m not sure having a house with a toddler allows for yarn dying at home , stay tuned because one day I may have a woolly empire of my own.  I’ve even thought about names, referencing my second love : John Hughes movies !

Just imagine, soft pink hues in a pretty skien with a dainty label that  reads “pretty in pink”

Ahhh a girl can dream.






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