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Knit fast, dye warm.

On a lovely sunny saturday, I attended a yarn dye workshop at The York Makery and run by the lovely Whitney, owner of Double Ewe designs.

Whitney was great! Incredibly patient and encouraging, she explained all the bits we would need (it’s allot less than you would can basically do it with equipment you already own!) and after laying down some clingfilm, applying some rubber gloves and an apron it was time to get to work …the colour!

Who’d have thought using  food colouring, water and a splash of white vinegar would be so fun! In my previous post i’d spoken about wanting to create a skein in different shades of pink..but that’s before I saw purple, and more importantly saw the lovely break it creates.

We learned that some colours ‘break’ meaning that they disperse into different colours, my purple shade had a break and fades into a lovely teal blue!

After lots of playing with colour I decided upon that purple and 2 shades of pink, one pale and one brighter , I could see they worked well togther by dipping a little bit of kitchen roll into the dyes as Whitney had explained.

It’s worth pointing out at this point that the groups colour choices varied completely, it was really interesting to see what everyone had decided to create.

Now for the really fun part. Hand painting it on the yarn! We laid the skeins on our clingfilm and got to work.

I decided to place my dye in stripes across the yarn, hoping for a sort of even mix of colour, again I loved looking at what everyone was doing with theirs.

Some had  greater blocks of colour, some left bits undyed, Either way the most enjoyable part was seeing the yarn Soak up the dye completely, the vivid colours coming to life so quickly.

For fear of overworking it, and realising that I liked having partly undyed bits, I finished first. Whitney showed me how to wrap my yarn in cling film and put it in the microwave to set.

After 10 mins of watching everyone finish off theirs, and thinking to myself:

why didn’t i think of those colours?

That’s so pretty! Hope mine comes out like that.

My first hand dyed yarn was ready, now our tutor warned us the yarn was hot..prewarning us not to touch it and to let it rest, but those colours were staring back at me and it was soooo hard not to touch!!

Eventually it was cool enough to rinse and spin (yes spin, in a humble salad spinner, note to self must by one this week) to get the excess water off.

Hey presto, my first hand dyed yarn was born!

Now onto the in a previous post I had spoken about naming my hand dyed yarns after my favourite John hughes movies . This was something I forgot amidst all the excitement and fun of the class and so as it resembled tie dye, I named it ‘happy hippy’.

However now my yarn is freshly wound and those shades of pink and tiny hints of blue stand out I realised I had a perfect John hughes movie name for it all along.

Unhappy with the ending to Pretty in Pink, Hughes created a new film with a simmilar premise but different ending. My yarn is pretty in pink but with a twist so …

I give you “Some Kind of Wonderful ”

Next on the list, The Breakfast club. Can’t wait to dye again!

Until next time woolly mumblers !



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