A stitch in time…

It’s 8:05 and Bea is finally in bed, after an hour and a half of standing on her toy box and shouting “TRAAAAAAAIIIINNNS!” (Note to self , when moving house avoid any that have bedrooms facing the railway)

naturally, I quietly shuffled downstairs and raced to my knitting basket. Ahhhh crafting time!

It makes me wonder when other crafty mums fit the time in ?

If like me, you squeeze the time to knit in any chance you get. You’ll have perfected knitting in the car, and long for the days when your child had two naps  a day, (when Bea had two , saw one nap for jobs and one for knitting ).

You may even manage to squeeze in some knitting time during meal times, or the 123rd showing of ‘thomas the tank engine :hero of the rails’, I  quite managed this yet.. I find myself trying to quickly finish a row and dropping stitches or bea adding her own chewed up grape for decorative flare!

I’ve certainly learned along the way to keep projects up high, work with cotton (it washes well) and NEVER craft when tired..if you need sleep then get it or (like me) you’ll find yourself crying over dropped stitches. Buy proper storage for your yarn/craft products and if you are a knitter/crocheter invest in a clover yarn cutter from amazon ..a sure life saver preventing you from leaving scissors in the wrong place (Bea can climb, it doesn’t matter how high/tucked away things are!, she has also overcome cupboard locks, my child is a loveable monster)

Join/set up a group, I set up an appeal for blankets for flood victims, then joined forces with Alice who set up The york Knitwits, it gives me that time to be me, not just a mum and gives me a whole evening to talk all things crafty -even a sneaky cocktail or two!

My pinterest and sketchbook are full of crafty ideas to get Bea involved when she’s older, I just can’t wait to teach her my woolly skills, but for now I’ll stick to knitting whilst she sleeps.

Are you a crafty mum ? Any top tips from one to another? Let me know in the comments bellow!



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