The Pixie Crown.


So after many arguments with my computer/ Ravelry account I have relented and decided to just upload my pattern on here for all you lovely woolly mumblers.

This little Pixie crown will soon be available on my etsy shop, but if you can knit and have a little pixie in your life to why not have ago at making one yourself ? it’s perfect for those cute newborn photos, easy to knit and adaptable to any size ( I may even confess to knitting myself one)

YARN : I used rico creative cotton, however you could use whatever you like, the pattern lends itself to that, just adjust the needle size appropriately.

NEEDLES: I used 3.5 but again experiment with your chosen yarn to find a gauge/needle that suits.

K- knit

YFWD- place yarn infront of the work

K2TOG- knit 2 together

BO- cast off stitches


Cast on 7

  1. K5, yfwd, K2
  2. k all stitches
  3. k6, yfwd, k2
  4. k all stitches
  5. k5, yfwd k2tog yfwd,k2
  6. k all stitches
  7. k6,yfwd k2tog yfwd,k2
  8. BO 4 st and knit to the end.

carry on in this vein until the headband reaches the desired size, bind off all stitches and sew the ends together.

Hey presto your own pixie crown! I hope you like and please post pictures of your finished crowns if you have ago, i’d love to see them ! and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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