The poorly blanket.

Well, this week has been hectic. So much so that my many projects i’ve been working on are still…well they are still projects. Bea singing and dancing to taylor swift and so I have a breif window to talk about a favourite project of mine.

In our house we have a tradition, when you are ill or feeling blue you get to go on “the poorly sofa”, with “the poorly blanket”. Basically you get all snuggly on the sofa, and (in my case ) watch gilmore girls whilst wrapped up in the snuggliest, warmest blanket you can find.

It’s a simple tradition, but since having bea In my life have envisaged making her the snuggliest blanket I could. I imagined wrapping her up just like my mum did and introducing her to those fast talking gilmore girls I loved so much.

I’ve had many attempts at making one, I’ve learnt I hate sewing squares and Bright colours are my friend but eventually I came up with a pattern I loved.


on a circular needle cast on as many stitches as you can.

Knit all stitches.

Keep going until blanket is the length you want.

Thats it! Yes really that is it, you can use up all your scraps, double wool up and make it chunky..the world is your oyster!

I’m yet to make a full sized varient, but bea has a couple of toddler sized and I donated one to my flood blankets appeal.

They are soft and snuggly, perfect for poorly sofa/lazy sunday type days.

That’s all from me now, I have one million jobs to do and shake it off has stopped so Bea is giving taylor swift a talking to 😂



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