Toddlers, tantrums and toys.

why hello there!

It’s a different kind of post this week, less about knitting and more about toddlers.

Following a chat with one of my lovely readers, I felt it might be nice for a change to highlight something we are currently going through, tantrums.

Not quite the terrible two’s but occasionally they are enough to make you want to pull your hair out and grab a glass of wine (yes even at 7:00 in the morning , when the tantrum is over breakfast) I should point out that we don’t get them every day either, I in no way want to paint Bea as a “difficult” child, she is funny/unique/creative/inquisitive/independent and I love her to the moon and back, but it is her ability to do so much on her own that means occasionally we get tantrums.

I only have the one daughter, and I am by no means an expert but I will attempt to explain our coping strategies.

The thing I’m learning throughout this stage, the thing my mum (thank you mumsicle) hammered into me one fateful family trip when Bea refused to stop running her pram into passers by… is to not get embarrassed.

I know it sounds easier said than done and at the time I laughed at my mum, but it is totally true. ”keep calm and remove her from the situation …” mum insisted, again I nervously laughed. Could it really be that easy ?

“MUMMY NO BEA BISCUIT” this was in the supermarket, Bea having successfully maneuvered her way out of sitting in the trolley was walking beside me and REALLY wanted a biscuit. I said no, I got down to her level and said no, tried to walk away,  conferred with her dad to see if we could give in and give her the biscuit and then I remembered what my mum had said.

seeing an empty space infront of a fire exit I marched Bea and sat her down, explained to her she needed to calm down and that we’d stay until she did.

I could feel all eyes staring at me, hear snooty mc snooty pants informing her husband that she “would never dream of letting her child sit on the floor” , but I stayed strong I smiled and even waved at staring passers by until …

“mummy hug” my little girl was back, normal service was resumed.

Mum is right, do not get embarrassed just remove from the situation and walk away .

Of course there are also the tantrums that make you giggle, I have the kind of sense of humor in which I can find anything funny (moving to york was a disaster as place names like Whip-Ma-whop-Ma gate get me giggling every time)

so as you can imagine watching my titch of a daughter have a tantrum because her dinosaurs aren’t saying hello to the toy dog properly had me in hysterics. For this situation I guess my mums advice works in reverse: feel embarrassed remove yourself from the situation and calm yourself down .

Toddlers are certainly not easy, sure the newborn stage had it’s difficulties but I would take newborn tears and baby sick over another hour of Bea shouting “noooo” at her banana (it broke in to three! how dare you mr banana!) any day.

Either way you deal with tantrums I guess the best thing to remember is, it really is no big deal, it happens all the time and if people stare just smile, wave like the queen and state ” lovely day for it isn’t it?” in your poshest voice. Hang in there.

until next time woolly mumblers.



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