The Carefree cowl..

Download pattern here.

My friends that are reading this will know I am anything but organised, I live the last minute life.

I rush out the door as quick as I can and often can be heard shouting “oh for fudges sake I’ve forgotten…..”

When designing this cowl, I had the last minute life in mind.

Sure, pretty lace shawls suit hand dyed skeins well but for the skilled last minuter like me shawls have the potential to get tangled up in things and you arrive whereever you are going looking in a mess.

I wanted something that is carefree, slips on , looks fantastic with minimum effort and picks up all the colours in my hand dyed yarn.

Hey presto! The carefree cowl, it has a lovely lace/mesh pattern , is super snuggly and is simple enough to just slip on and go.

non knitters amongst you keep an eye out for my etsy page as this will be available soon.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, and if you have a go send us a photo I’d love to see.

Until next time guys.



2 thoughts on “The Carefree cowl..

  1. I really envy the ability to knit. I was tought basic crochet as a kid but never kept up with it. I sew a little but simply do not have the pateince. It’s like having a word on the tip of my tounge and not being able to recall it.


    1. I’ve always wanted to crochet and sew but I can’t pick either up (my sewing machine looks very sad in my room). youtube videos are great for reminding yourself of basic knitting skills. Xx


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