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Home is where the knitting is …

so, my parents who I love so very much bought me a chair.

Those of you who know mum will know that her buying a chair is no big surprise, but this chair is special, it’s a chair to knit in.

It is a glorious purple colour ,comfy cosy and plastic for perfect outdoor use.

Why am I writing about a chair you ask ? well, aside from the rather worrying notion that i’m developing my mum’s obsession with chairs.. I sat in it today and realised that it was my happy space, the space I need to knit and reflect ( and watch Bea chuck ants at a spiders web… but thats another story for another day)

our outside space today..

I can see this spot becoming my favourite place, the very fact I can now knit outside comfortably is so very exciting.

Our family practically live outdoors, we love a thunderstorm, have no fear when it comes to creepy crawlies and would very happily eat outside for every meal. It just makes sense that my favourite space would be outside too!

baby bath = fantastic paddling pool 

so naturally we spent the whole day in the back yard,  it’s not huge but it’s our space. Bea alternated from playing in the bath to crying because she’s wet, we read stories and she even had a nap.

random scribble.. 

I started to pick up Ideas for future projects and bea had fun unravelling my wool and placing it on our christmas tree ( note to self : yarn bomb christmas tree)

It’s been a pretty special day, we did nothing but it was special all the same, and who’d have thought it would come from one simple purple chair.

god, my folks are good.

look after your happy places.

until next time woolly mumblers .xx


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