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The increasing importance of Bob…

we need to introduce you to someone very special.. his name is Bob.

A (once) very fluffy bunny who is Bea’s best friend.


Bea’s Grandad (who we call grumpy) bought Bob for Bea from a lovely shop. Bob helped Tom and I tell everyone some very exciting news. Then Bea came into the world and as his fur became messy and unkempt Bea’s love for him grew..

BOB became bea’s cheerleader and helped her learn to crawl. 
Perhaps the most important job of all (and the one Tom and I are most thankful for) Bob helps Bea to sleep. 
He joins us on adventures 
Together they throw excellent tea parties. 

He bathes with Bea, shares her food, cuddles her when she’s sad and shows her how to get checked at the doctors.

He’s one very important,hardworking  bunny and we are extremely thankful.

People often send me pictures and links to stories of lost bunnies that look similar to Bob and my heart skips a little faster, I  find myself running around the house shouting “where’s bob ?” only to remember we haven’t been anywhere near Heathrow airport.

The spare bobs we own are not quite the same, I have found myself explaining to the neighbor (on more than one occasion) the reasons behind me dunking the spare bob in the soil in the garden.

me :  ” he doesn’t feel the same as her normal bunny, so I’m trying to matt the fur a bit so I can I wash normal bunny while Bea sleeps  ”

neighbour just stares blankly at me and walks away. I tell myself it is because he’s never had kids .. not because what I am doing is at all odd. But it needs to be done from time to time, bob gets very messy and needs a wash!

Because he is so important and Bea loves him so much (bob was even bea’s second word!) , I decided he deserves a special treat.. so I knit him up a new hat and blanket. So he can get wrapped up when he comes on adventures with us.

If you are a knitter and you know someone with a jellycat bunny why not Knit one up ? They take no time at all  and the bunnies in your life will really appreciate them!

comment bellow, does your little one have a special toy ? do you panic as much as I do when you think they are lost ? let me know !


So here’s to you Bob, we Love you.

and here’s to Grumpy who Knew how special Bob was. ( we love you too grumpy !)

until next time woolly mumblers.






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