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I’m not lost, I’m finding a new path.

This week we had an adventure to Ribblesdale viaduct and Wensleydale Creamery. I love family adventures. Getting  in the car first thing , everyone excited about where we are going, there’s nothing better than being out and about.

It truly was an adventure, mainly as we got lost! In true tom fashion he knew the general direction we needed to go in but not the exact route to get there, so we spent a long time traveling through quaint countryside villages and roads that really didn’t look big enough for our massive car.

I managed to get allot of knitting done-your shawl will be finished soon mum honest!


Eventually we got to our first destination, Ribblesdale Viaduct. Having eaten my part of the picnic in the car (well we were VERY lost) , I sat with Bea and Tom whilst they ate theirs and enjoyed the veiw.

I could have happily stayed there all day, the veiws were stunning. However as soon as Bea realised there was no more food she grabbed my hand and we were running towards the viaduct.

If you can make it to the Viaduct, do go. It’s size alone overwhelms you. Take a picnic and sit a while, you’ll be so glad you did!


Bea and Tom made their monkey impressions under the archway (much to the amusement of many passing tourists), Bea made mooing  noises at a sheep (who responded!) and then had a heated debate with Tom as to weather the sheep running round were sheep or cows. Bea won, sheep are now called cows.


No daddy they’re cows!

As is a requirement in any Bea outing we saw a train, with that outof the way we headed back to the car and aimed for Wensleydale creamery.

Surprisingly cheap at just £5 for the 3 of us to enter. Wensleydale Creamery has a little museum , a veiwing gallery to watch the cheese being made, a shop and some cheese to taste.

This was allot of fun. There’s lots to do for little ones, including toys and colouring. Upon arriving at the veiwing gallery Bea was upset that the cheese makers had dropped ” food on the floor mummy” , but other than that she loved watching the machines whir and wizz around.

After a good look around, and a mammoth cheese tasting session (wensleydale and pineapple was my favourite) we headed for icecream. We discovered they do “tiny tots” tubs designed for Bea’s size so Bea and bob could have some too!

With the last of the icecream eaten we headed home. Bea and tom debated sheep and cows a little more, Tom found us a lovely route back and I made it back just in time for my lovely Knitwits group.

All in all a perfect day. You can find more photos bellow.

Until next time woollymumblers!


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