A pom pom please…

As Bea grows/ begins learning the difference between good and bad, right and wrong I really felt it was vital we start Reinforcing the positives. Like most mums of toddlers I recently found myself saying “no” much more than I really should and so I began trawling pinterest for ideas.

Reward charts are a funny thing, in order for them to work your child has to enjoy stickers (Bea would sooner rip them off and tell you off for making a mess). Chocolate rewards are certainly not for my toddler, I have a sweet tooth and that’s one thing I’m determined she won’t get from me. Money rewards would be costly and lost on my 2 year old.

Then I stumbled upon positive reinforcement jars. The idea is simple, and very visual (thus perfect for toddlers).

How it works : 

  1. when the child does something well, such as : listening to mum and dad, using manners or tidying up then something goes in the jar.
  2. when the jar is full they get a little treat.
  3. No removing things for bad behavior, the jar is simply for rewarding the positive.

It really is that simple!

You can use anything to go in the jars : buttons, marbles, glass beads or even cotton wool.

Here at Woolly Mum HQ making pom poms made sense.. 

I chose to make pom poms, Knowing that I had lots of brightly colored wool to use and the perfect sized pom pom maker. You can find pom pom makers at any good craft shop or order online. If you don’t fancy buying a maker you could always look at this fork pom pom tutorial from Bernat Yarns : Fork pom pom tutorial.

so far so good

She seems to have taken to it well, and the jar is now filling up at a nice steady rate.  A few things to note:

  1. Be careful when rewarding for please as you may find yourself having to explain to your toddler why saying “pom pom please mummy yes pom pom okay ? ” won’t work.
  2. I give one reward for one good thing, try not to complicate it by making different amounts for different things until they are older, If you feel you want to make special rewards for really good things (e.g tidying up their whole room)  you could have a “sparkly” one that way there’s a noted difference without the complication of amounts.

Treats : 

My lovely Knitting/crocheting friends gave me a great idea of the little treat Bea gets being craft related ( well of course that idea would come from a craft group!) so I’m really looking forward to the Jar being full and taking Bea to a craft shop to find a fun activity.

The treat doesn’t need to be huge, just something special to remind them of a job well done.

we are so close to the jar being full, Bea loves picking a pom pom and popping it in the Jar, I even caught her with a friend telling them ” you good, get a pom pom for the Jar”.

Have you tried this method ? did it work for you ? comment below and let me know.

If you are a crafting mum like me, pop on over to cherry floss crafts . My good friend Alice from cherry floss is running a competition to win a gorgeous skein of her yarn ‘marvelous marmalade’

Until next time




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