Vintage dreams.


It started with an idea. 

I have a wedding to go to soon, my vast array of lindybop dresses have been calling to me from the wardrobe “remember we are here!”. My go to move , buying a new lindybop dress was cut short by the discovery of a pretty dress still with the tags on.

Look how pretty!

I began googling coverups to go with it and that’s when it struck me, I could knit a 50s style coverup to go with it …no, no , no ! I could knit a 50’s cover up from a vintage pattern!

I have several lindybop dresses, i could knit a coverup for them all! (Yes I know how mad I sound, at the time I was high on haribo and lemonade)

But nontheless I got to work picking a pattern for my dress.

A close up of the stunning floral pattern.


I should probably at this point explain just why all my dresses are from Lindybop.

Lindybop = affordable vintage style dresses. They are stunning, well made and come in an array of different prints and colours. They have genourous sizes for the (ahem) more voluptuous ladies and dresses to flatter every figure. I feel so special in a lindybop dress so  I knew what ever accompanied it needed to be special too.

The 50s pattern I chose.

Feeling overwhelmed by choice , I decided to go for this 50s shawl, from the picture it looked like it would drape well over the dress and reading the pattern it seemed like it would be manageable.

14 balls of drops cotton later (thankyou wool warehouse sale) i got started.

One thing seasoned vintage knitters don’t tell you is just how time consuming these shawls can be. 109 stitches and 62 inches long? That is ALOT of knitting!

I’m about half way there and I’m already having dreams about knitting hats with chunky wool.

My last knitting night i managed to knit about an inch of it only to look down at the end of the session and realise i’d been doing it wrong the whole evening , careful/tearful/considered unravelling took a whole morning by which point me and the shawl were no longer friends.

However every so often I’m draping  my work over the dress to remind me it will be worth it in the end, if I don’t end up wearing it much all that knitting will still be worth it as Those 109 stitches will easily make a snuggly blanket for when Bea inevitably falls asleep.

so that’s my progress so far, have you ever knitted vintage? Let me know below !

I will post an update when finally done 😊





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