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The one where I actually finish a project …

So I’ve been silent for a little while, that’s mainly as I’ve been focusing on my vintage shawl project.

By focusing I of course mean putting it off till the very last minute , then realizing how long I’ve got left before my deadline and  avoiding all housework until said shawl is completed.

my  plan was to create a 50’s shawl to go with my Lindybop Hazel dress.

Those of you who have read my blog will know that this shawl is a delicate, lacy BEAST at 109 stitches and 62 inches it was not an easy feet.

At 30 inches I was positively glowing with confidence.

I can do this , I will be a vintage knitter.

At 33 inches I had to unravel 2 inches.

In fact around the 43 inch mark I was hoping for Doctor who (other time travelers are available ) to swoop in with his Tardis and take me back to “pre shawl woolly mum” to tell her what a stupid Idea this was.

At 50 inches, with the end in sight I began to stay up later. No longer did I use the famous Knitting catchphrase “i’ll just finish this row” instead I would tell myself “i’ll just finish this ball” then upon completing the ball I’d tell myself “i’ll just knit a few rows of the new ball”.

Then became the frantic measuring.

ohh ohh it’s at 55 inches, no no wait it’s still at 53.

Then this happened…

Then suddenly as if from no where I reached 62 inches (ish at this point i’m pretty sure it’s 61.5 inches but who cares ?)  I giddily cast off and wrap it round me in excitement, it is lovely and snuggly, I’m sure I will admire it’s beauty properly at  a later date but for now I cannot contain  the excitement that I actually finished this project.


what I learned about vintage Knitting 

The pattern Is lovely and the fact it is only 4 rows means it should be easy for beginner/intermediate knitters to follow.

You can find the Lacy shawl pattern here.

There are some gorgeous patterns out there, pinterest is great for it. Just make sure you have the time and the patience for large things like lacy shawls.

Would I knit vintage again ? 

yes, probably …..Hats, socks any thing small.

How long did it take me to try the whole outfit on ? 


At least 10 minutes…. and I felt amazing !

Bring on the wedding !

let me know what you think below, until next time woolly mumblers . x


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