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Modern Knitting with SoSatsuma.

I recently had the privilege of being asked to pattern test for SoSatsuma’s upcoming Knit Kits. I’m a big fan of their work so naturally jumped at the opportunity.

SoSatsuma are a modern knitwear brand that I stumbled across on Facebook one day, they have a large following and their chunky knits just ooze style and snuggliness. (not sure that is a word, but I really feel it should enter the knitters dictionary ‘snuggliness’ is vital, Clementine and Nanna Satsuma are the queens of creating super snugly items) They use beautiful merino wool to create modern unique pieces.

I became incredibly excited when I realized they were starting to sell Items for knitters, the wooden needles are stunning and they have the most perfect pairs of scissors, necessary for any project bag.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when the kit arrived.

The Kit.


Just look at the project bag !

I was extremely happy when So Satsuma founder, Clementine asked for my preference of colour, I’m a navy girl through and through. This wool is such a beautiful deep shade and it means the end product will get allot of wear as it goes with all of my clothes !

The addition of a ready made pom pom is a great touch, not everyone has a pom pom maker, not everyone has the time to wrap wool around a cardboard ring so this is perfect. Those of you with toddlers will appreciate it too as throwing  the pom pom around the room entertained my little one for at least an hour.

The testing kit comes with different needles to the actual kit, you’ll be happy to know that the proper kit comes with those stunning wooden needles I spoke about above.

The pattern. 


The pattern itself, is for the classic pom pom hat. I knit myself a new hat every year for winter, I’m very excited to have this one in my collection.

The pattern is easy to follow, very clear with highlighted ‘straight to the point’ sections so experienced knitters can follow it quickly and more descriptive language for beginner knitters.

It doesn’t use Knitting ‘jargon’ that can often baffle beginner knitters instead it takes you through each step clearly and carefully.

The pattern card is small, and I found myself needing it right next to me so that I could read it. However as It is a simple, easy to follow pattern you shouldn’t need to look at the card too much.

The reduction at the top of the hat leaves a lovely finish, I have always knit my hats in the round feeling that it looks better at the top of the hat, I will be giving this one ago again as I loved the finish.

To finish off the hat, the description is short but not difficult to understand,  If  you are a beginner Knitter you may need to search for a video on sewing up knitting and attaching a pom pom.

At the bottom of the pattern there are details for showing off a picture of your work, this is a lovely touch, especially If you are a beginner knitter you should be proud of your project and I’m excited to see what people create. #knitsosatsuma

Final thoughts ? 

I love my new hat! It’s chunky and soo soo snuggly, will be perfect for the colder weather and  my many Bad hair days.

It really is a kit for everyone. I’d happily purchase the kit for even the most experienced of knitters as It is such a cute hat and easy to follow project. The project bag alone is worth it , who doesn’t love a cute project bag!

I had it finished in an evening and ready to wear the next day.

I’m so excited to see what other lovely kits they are going to offer.

If you would like to check out more of the lovely SoSatsuma’s work check out their website Here.

Or check out their Facebook page Here.

You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time Woolly Mumblers. xx


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