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A little update ! 

I’m sorry all, i’ve been such a busy bee and have totally negleted this blog, that will be rectified now so here’s an update with what we’ve been up to ! 

Birthday madness 

My crazy wonderful little monkey turned 2! 

We had a fabulous day celebrating at local soft play center Creepy Crawlies. 

Soft play is a little hit and miss, plan it wrong and you’ll be caught amongst the firey noisy toddler hell, accidentily ordering too much coffee because you can’t hear yourself think! We got lucky, we arrived half an hour after it opened and discovered we had the place practically to ourselves, Bea loved taking her dad up and down the big steps/slides and splashing in the water park. 

Bea was spoilt rotten we are so lucky to have so many friends and family that love her just as much as we do. 

Wedding Bliss 

We had an absolutely fabulous day at the wedding of Frances and joe, Bea was a really good flower girl – only crying when she got to the top of the aisle and saw everyone staring back at her! As you can see we scrubbed up well too 😊 a lovely day with lots of lovely memories. 


I’ve been super busy with knitting too: 

tom and I have been experimenting with dying yarn with natural products (see photo above :paprika dyed yarn) it’s definately a work in progress ! But it’s seriously fun discovering what colours you can get. 

I’ve also been working hard with co knitwitter Alice and York Minster as our lovely knitwitting group is going to be yarn storming Minster gardens in may! 

Stay tuned for more details about that( including free patterns ) very soon, if you can’t wait/want to get involved, check out our knitwits page on facebook! 

PHEW! Told you i’d been busy! Blog will be in normal working order now. 

Until next time woolly mumblers 



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