Oh the colours…

So recently i’ve been experimenting with dyeing yarn naturally.

 At first i’ll admit I was a little skeptical, I had visions of me painstakingly boiling down plant material and getting nothing but dull colours, after researching it I decided to just give it whirl, The colours people were getting were so bold and vibrant , i knew I needed to have ago! 

The dyebaths alone made me so excited, such vivid colours from elderberry (boiled in water then strained, coffee, turtle beans (soaked overnight to get a purple dyebath) and orange peel (i added a pinch of turmeric to bring out the colour and got what can only be described as ‘sunshine yellow’) 

darjeeling tea, elderberry and turtlebean
sunshine yellow , morning coffee

Me, Pinterest and google became very aquainted as I spent the rest of my time researching colours and what natural products you can get colour from (f.y.i it’s practically everything!) and I even, despite my sub par gardening skills, own some woad plant seeds ready to grow my own woad ready to dye up some beautiful blues!  

I’m excited to write patterns that will use my own dyed yarn,and i have lots of ideas to create varieated naturally dyed yarns!

My top tips for naturaly dyeing : 

1. Do your mordant  research, different mordants create different colours 

2. Don’t eat all the oranges for an orange peel dye bath in one sittinh …you’ll be sick. 

3. Experiment! The best way to do it is to experiment and note what works 

4. Remember to open windows..our kitchen still smells of vinegary coffee a week later. 
So that’s it, from now on i’ll be in the garden or in the kitchen dyeing up a storm…beware no plants are safe if they come between me and my dye bath. I can’t wait to share my new colours with you! 


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