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Busy Bee scarf


Yes that’s right my new pattern ‘The busy Bee scarf’ is now available on Ravelry!


It’s a scarf for adventure days, those ‘pouring it down but still going to have a picnic or go on a bear hunt’ kind of days.

It’s designed mainly to be light weight and also warm, so I used my hand dyed 4ply yarn to keep it lightweight and a squishy rib texture to keep it snuggly. One of the best things about the pattern is that it’s easily adaptable, so every member of the family could have one, just use chunkier yarn and a larger needle! (cue groans from the woolly mum clan who just realised their all getting one for christmas .. yes we’ll be ‘THAT’ family but we’ll be so snug no one will care !)

so I hope you enjoy this pattern , please send me pictures if you make one I’d love to see them !

(p.s if you are a beginner/intermediate knitter  this is a good pattern for you, the rib stitch is easy to do and quick to knit up. )

send your pictures to :

or via facebook and instagram

thanks and happy adventuring !


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