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Oh christmas tree !!


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My dad’s birthday has been and gone, and I’ve just inhaled my first chocolate from the advent calendar, this can mean only one thing …… Christmas is just around the corner !

I’m known to my family as ” the Christmas lawyer” , upon hearing this you may have images of me running around the house shouting “objection!” at various christmassy things….well you’re not far off.

You see Christmas is my time of year, I love it. I feel instantly giddy when I see supermarkets getting out their Christmas stock, I skip with glee down the aisle looking at all the shiny red and gold  and I love wrapping up for Family walks with hot chocolate and mince pies.

Most of all I love tradition, there’s something lovely about everyone having different family traditions and i’m thoroughly enjoying creating new ones for my little girl too. I get the term “Christmas Lawyer” because i sometimes, amongst my love of Christmas forget that traditions can be changed/new ones can be created.

So In the interest of loving Christmas and Christmas traditions I thought i’d share some little traditions we do every christmas and some new ones we started for the first time –

  1. Picking our decorations for the tree – we get one new decoration each every year, when I moved out my mum gave me all the decorations I picked over the years so my first christmas in the new place I had a set of decorations ready to go! I will be carrying on this tradition with my little one too.
  2. Coffee cake for santa – a new tradition we started on Bea’s first christmas eve, santa’s a touch cookie, he travels the whole night around the world all those mince pies and baileys/sherries/port are bound to make him sleepy. At least at woolly mum HQ he knows he can have a quick caffeine boost (absolutely nothing to do with Bea’s parents eating all the mince pies at all)
  3. A real christmas tree – I’ll admit it, i’m a tree snob..plastic just won’t do! mr woolly, bea and I have a potted christmas tree that we bring inside, i’m very much looking forward to watching Mr woolly do that this year.
  4. bullying grumpy into buying the biggest tree – we very often go with my family to buy theirs and thoroughly enjoy the whole family bulling dad into picking a tree that will clearly not fit into their tiny cottage. If it doesn’t touch the ceiling then it isn’t a woolly mum family tree
  5. bacon sandwiches on christmas morning – I smell bacon and immediately think of christmas
  6. knitted hats- it wouldn’t be a woolley mum christmas without some themed knitted hats. I love this tradition (see photos in the gallery above) i love it so much i even created my own pattern this year! download the pattern here

there are some of my favourite traditions, there are loads more. what are your favourite christmas traditions ? I’d love to hear them .

happy 1st of december woolly mumblers

until next time x x



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