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Goodbye 2016 !

It’s New Years eve !! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I will not bore you with my highlights of 2016 (see previous blog post for that)

Instead, i’m looking ahead to 2017 and my promise to myself that 2017 will be a “use it or loose it” zone, starting with my yarn stash.

We’ve all done it , you finish a shawl or pair of socks when suddenly you realise that not only have you won at yarn chicken, you also have enough wool left over to make a …thing. A small thing, but a thing nonetheless.

so looking at my stash I realised I had enough tiny balls of yarn to make a toddler sized blanket, and set to work designing a blanket.

The pattern: 

Now, I don’t know about you but this whole weaving in ends malarkey turns me off a project  completely, life with a toddler = absolutely no time to weave in ends !

HAVE NO FEAR ! because I stumbled upon this beautiful trick by my fireyPheonix MAGIC KNOT METHOD – joining yarns

and that is the basis of my blanket. Simply attach all of your scrap yarn bits using the link above to make one magic ball of yarn, you can do this random or methodical it’s entirely up to you !

mine looks a little like this :


Once you have done that you are ready to start The Happy Scrappy Blanket wrap! It’s happy, scrappy and depending on how many scraps you have you could have a wrap or a toddler/lap blanket.

Mine isn’t quite finished but i’m releasing it now so ” The woolly Mum knitters club ” can join in together !!




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