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“But whats the point in knitting for a baby ?”

“But what’s the point in Knitting for a poop machine ? all babies poo and be sick on their clothes, if you can only cool wash hand knitted items then seriously what’s the point ?”

This was a question posed to me this week by a friend with a tot the same age as my little monkey. At the time all I could muster through the giggles and crying out in pain (i laughed so hard I spilled HOT tea  )  was “well it’s just nice to do so ”

But then that got me thinking, I generally don’t use acrylic wool (famously washing friendly) and when I had my little girl we found  that certain knitted items were irritating her more than others so we stuck to natural fibres (famous for felting if not cared for correctly)

Bea in the first things I ever knitted, a cotton blend yarn.


So with that in mind I’ve compiled my own top tips/Do’s and don’ts  for knitting for baby:

  • GO TO THE WOOL SHOP : I can’t stress this one enough, you don’t know when buying online what the yarn feels like so go to the local wool shop (if in York I highly recommend The York Makery)  and squish and squeeze all the wool until you find one that you love. the softer the better!
  • On that note – try not to choose a ‘fluffy’ yarn, those fibres are bad for little babies BUT remember this doesn’t eliminate animal fibres chose a super wash type yarn or some cotton and you are good to go.
  • You’ve picked some yarn, knitted a beautiful item then the bundle of joy is sick – how do you wash it ? the answer quite simply put is cool wash,dry flat NOT in the tumble dryer as referenced below. put any knitted baby that need wash in a bag separately otherwise they’ll get mixed in the washing and your babies doll with have an awesome felt wardrobe (yes this has happened to me more than once)
  • A hat before and after washing/tumble drying



  • If giving it away write down what it’s made of , how to wash and care for it. Your friend will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to do this, and hopefully it will mean the knitting you’ve made the effort to create will stay good as new for along time coming !


So I hope these handy tips help away the fear of knitting for baby, I love baby knitting and the joy of seeing your little one in an Item is a great feeling.

I guess ultimately my main message is not to let your partner wash the knitted stuff, but as I type somewhat strangled by my slightly felted cowl I realise this is a tip I am yet to take on for myself.

Happy Stitching everyone !


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