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Out and about : active toddlers.

Every once in a while I like to avoid the knitting talk for a while and talk about family life.

This weeks subject is “active toddlers”.  Bea is on the go from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed, her afternoon naps are like gold dust and having just rejoined slimming  world I can honestly say my ‘body magic’ comes from chasing my 2 year old round round the house as she pretends to be a dragon/ghost/insert being that goes raaaaaaaaaagh here.

current favourite “ghostdusters” 

So in this blog i’d like to share a few tips that i’ve learned along the way, I’m by no means an expert (you need to go to granny for expert advice) but here’s a little of what we get up to :


The park: 

An obvious choice, I know but hear me out. Next time you go the park, instead of racing to the swings take some time to play the “things” game.

“can you find 1 leaf ?”

“can you spot 2 trees?”

and so on, It makes getting to the park even more fun and helps with counting and speech. If in York I highly recommend Homestead park the play area is great but there are plenty of trees and even a duck pond to look at to!

Music Groups –  


we go to rhythm time on a friday morning with the lovely Ami. The group is 45 minutes long and filled with music and songs, Bea  loves playing the instruments and dancing along, her confidence has grown immensely since starting and it almost always means she needs a nap afterwards (mum 1 toddler 0)

Washing Up – 


Not for the faint hearted, if you like everywhere clean, tidy, and dry i’d avoid this one.

simply take a plastic basin, add all your plastic cups and add some soapy water, hours of fun! every inch of the kitchen was wet through but it entertained bea long enough for me to get the rest of the pots done.

Another friend of mine said she adds a little splash of foodcolouring and glitter to the water to make it even more fun, I’m sure it is but beware this means even more washing up for you !

Family walks / Brimham rocks – 

I have fond memories of family walks when I was little, I know realise we were out so often because I was an “active kid “, i still am really, the thought of being stuck inside fills me with dread.

So it’s no surprise that Bea is exactly the same. Family walks don’t have to be just walking, you could collect leaves and talk about the seasons, find bugs, go squirrel spotting or if you happen to be on our family outings go ghostdusting.

We love Brimham Rocks, it’s natures climbing frame. So much to explore, there are monsters, fairy’s and all manner of real creatures to find too. If you go when it’s rained  it collects the biggest puddles we’ve ever seen! which brings me on nicely to my next tip …

Puddle jumping –


A free activity and great fun for all ages. Does exactly what it says on the tin, get wrapped up (note bea’s puddle suit a whole 2 sizes too big!) and see if you can find the biggest puddle. For this I’ve mapped out a little route that isn’t too long for little legs but perfect to keep them entertained.

once home you can warm up with a hot chocolate and your favourite snuggly socks.

Cooking – 


We haven’t baked with bea for a long time as she has a sweet tooth and would happily eat all the cake and biscuits in the world if she could.

we get her involved in cooking instead, she will spend hours in the kitchen with her dad smelling all his spices, helping him chop and peel veg, helping to make bread and even helping to make choices on what we eat. It’s a fun way to get kids involved with nutrition and as you can see from the picture even beloved bunnies can get involved too!

so there you have it, a few tips to help you along with an active toddler.. having a toddler that is constantly on the go can be exhausting, there’s a massive high five going out to all those mums that breathe a sigh of relief when their little ones gone to bed (and if your anything like me;wind up fast asleep on the sofa by 9)

BUT it’s also the most rewarding and enjoyable thing in the world too ! I love nothing better than watching bea count tree’s on the way to the park, or waving at the trains as we’re walking over the bridge. I’ve become an expert ghostduster and learned that Bea’s meal choices are inspired  (linda mcartney sausages with roasted squash and pepper is the food that dreams were made of).

So from one active mum to another, Have fun!



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