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Sunday spotlight: Mini Skeins

Mini skeins are my favourite thing right now. They look cute cuddled up in your stash box, they are just the right size to add a pop of colour and ultimately you can buy a mini skein and their just small enough to hide before anyone finds out you’ve bought more yarn.

So this weeks Sunday spotlight focuses on the mini’s and what to do with them. I’ve complied a list of my favourite makes for your mini skein stash.

The woolly Mum ‘Green Fingers set” 

The Bee keepers quilt. By tiny owl knits. DSC_0579_medium2

Find the pattern here.

Okay i must admit this has been in my ‘project to do’ for quite some time. I love that its something a little different to standard stash busting blankets, the squishy hexipuffs are perfect for your minis and the pattern lends itself well to any colourway, meaning you can play around with ALL the mini’s in your collection.

The Granny square purse. By Kara Gunza 


Find the pattern Here.

This cute Bag is perfect for the little people in your life, and it wouldn’t be a woolly mum blog if i didn’t cater for them. You can really play around with colour for this, the brighter the better !

Compression. By Josh Ryks 

Find the Pattern Here.IMG_0510_medium2

I love love love this ! The use of texture and pattern is just stunning, for a gentle spring summer look take a pale set of 5 skeins and add a white skein for the main colour.

If anyone makes this please let me know, I’d love to see the results !!




Circus rings Baby hat. By Cathy Campbell. 


Pattern available here.

How seriously cute is this ? it looks so snugly ! It’ll whip up in no time and again you could really play with colour.

The Zam Hat. By Alex Tinsley. 


I couldn’t do a mini skein project list without including a colour work hat, this is something a bit different from your standard fair isle hat. You could do so much with this pattern and the colours you have on hand, if you have seriously bright mini’s you could use a dark main colour to really make them pop. Play with shades and make yourself a hat you’d never want to take off !

Find the pattern Here.


There’s just a few of my favourite stash busting projects, do share pictures if you make any i’d love to see!

Now, in my research for this mini skein blog I stumbled upon a craze that only the wool lovers amongst you will understand.. how best to store your mini skeins. It seems whilst I have been hiding mine amongst my stash others have been using their mini’s as features of their room and so I thought it best to share my favourite mini skein storage with you as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So get yourselves some glass jars, and your favourite minis and get them on diplay!!


If that’s inspired you why not  treat yourself to a mini skein set here : I have these Natural dyed offerings…

Get Thewoollymum ‘Green Fingers’ set here.

Or Treat yourself to a surprise mystery bundle here!  Because who doesn’t love a surprise in the post ! 

That’s all for sunday spotlight, I hope i’ve helped inspire you. Happy stitching !!


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