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Sunday spotlight : Aran

I have a confession to make, I LOVE chunky knits.. yep wrap me up and send me to Finland .. chunky knits are the way to my heart. They whip up quickly and keep you feeling snug and warm,

Sunday spotlight this week is all about Aran! Snugly squishable oh so soft Aran , perfect for so many projects. I tend to go to one of my favourite projects.. hats, i’m abit obsessed with snugly winter hats too, but we’ll leave that obsession for another day.

So you’ve bought some snugly Aran, what are you going to make ?

sunshine aran
Woolly mum yarn “Sunshine” 

for todays sunday spotlight i’ve compiled a list of patterns you might not have considered for your beautiful aran yarn.. grab a cup of tea, sit down and peruse some seriously scrummy patterns:

Fall for me spiral hat by B. hooked crochet. 


Find the pattern here. 

okay so this hat is kind of cheating, but it’s so different to the usual hats that you see in aran yarn, i love the look of it. It’s perfect for any type of colourway and I honestly think I want one in EVERY shade of aran going. (whoops there’s that  hat obsession)

Pure by Cabinfour


Find the pattern here.

How stunning is this ?! it oozes elegance and sophistication, whip up in a solid colour for the perfect go with everything shawl.

Structured Shadows Mitts by Rachy Newin 


find the pattern here.

I love these, they just look toasty don’t they ? I can imagine a winters walk wearing these as you sip on hot chocolate. That being said these would also make the most stunning Christmas gift, who wouldn’t want to open a box on Christmas day to find these beauties inside ?!

Snug By Hinke designs 

Find the pattern here


How cute is this ? there’s something utterly wonderful about seeing a baby wrapped up in a handknit hoodie. I love the bright orange of this one, but it would even suit variegated arans too!

and last but by no means least …

POP blanket by Tin can knits.

find the pattern here.


This is everything.. its the blanket that dreams are made of ! a pop of colour in a unique way, My little one referred to the circles as planets, which makes me think that swapping the white for navy blue and adding on a few crochet stars, this blanket would be perfect for a budding young astronaut too.

so now you’ve got some inspiration, why not head on over to the woolly mum etsy page and check out some aran!

Find super soft and squishy aran here!

Happy Stitching x



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